What am I blogging about?

There are probably three words that best describe me – faith, family, food.

My faith in Jesus Christ is the most important aspect of my life. I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior in my late 20s. So, I consider myself a late-bloomer. I love my family. My husband, son, and daughter are my priorities. Ever since my son was born almost 21 years ago, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. My career has been raising my children and providing a comfortable home for my family. For the past nine years, I’ve been a home educator. I thoroughly enjoyed homeschooling my children. Following God’s call to homeschool has been the most rewarding aspect of my life, so far. It has had its ups and downs, like most areas of life, but as a family, we are glad we took the homeschooling journey. Food—l really like to cook and to eat. I find food to be something that tingles all of my senses. I’m a recipe junky. I have two three-ring binders full of recipes I’ve clipped, copied, and printed. I also like cook books. I have tons of them. I once heard someone say that most home cooks have 10 (or some such number like that) recipes they rotate. Not me. I like to make new things. There are a few dishes that remain “staples” in my repertoire, but mostly I experiment with new recipes on my family every week.

Since faith, family, and food are my favorite topics. That is what you will find on this blog. I’ll write about my faith—my walk with the Lord, where I’m having difficulty and those praises that need to be lifted up more often. My family—since they are utmost on my mind every day and especially since I am in my last year of homeschooling and heading into a new phase of life. And, of course, food. I may share a recipe I’ve found to be yummy. Or, just my trials to be healthier in my eating habits.

I’m calling this blog “Teresa’s Thoughts For Today” because that is what it’ll be. My thoughts on faith, family, and food and quite possibly other topics that are swirling around in my mind. At first, I’ll try to post two or three times per week. But my goal is to post Monday-Friday. Post comments, let me know what you think. These may be my thoughts, but I hope they hit a familiarity with you also.

Until next time…..these are my thoughts for today.


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