What’s so great about snow?

It is December 30, 2011 and I just came inside from mowing. That’s right – mowing grass, green grass. I posted on Facebook that fact for posterity and mentioned that I’d rather mow than shovel snow. As I’ve gotten older, I really am getting so I don’t like snow. I grew up in northeastern Iowa, you’d think snow would be no big deal. And, it isn’t. I just had enough of it growing up that I’d rather not see any more of it for the rest of my life. Growing up we’d get the kind of snow falls where you could build tunnels and caves through the piles. My sister and I and our neighborhood friends would sit inside the caves and pretend we were Eskimos. The school parking lot next door would have huge piles from the snow plows. By April, those piles were black from pollution and the mud picked up by the plows on the gravel lot. Winter was long in our part of Iowa.

Our family lived in Colorado for a year and a half. I liked the snows there. It would fall in beautiful flakes with the sun making them glisten. The kids could go out and make a snow man or angel. Then the next day it’d be gone. Streets would be dry and all was well with my world. If we wanted more snow play time, all we had to do was head for the mountains and go skiing for a few hours. Of course, we’d get significant snow events in October or April when it’d make the national news because the rest of the country was not. But, in December, January, and February when the Midwest and East coast where being slammed, I’d sit on our front porch watching my then four-year-old daughter riding her trike in the driveway. We didn’t have coats, hats, or mittens on. It would be 60-something degrees but feel like 70-something because of the wonderful Colorado sun. I liked Colorado winters.

Or take San Antonio in winter. My mom and step-father came to Texas one Christmas while we lived there. We played croquet on Christmas day. In our family, croquet is for July 4th. But, Christmas? That was awesome. My husband and I would get a kick out of the news stations in San Antonio during winter. If there was the slightest chance of snow falling in the Hill Country, they’d send their weathercasters up there just in case they might spot a flake in the air. Never happened in the two years we lived there. San Antonio was OK in winter. A bit rainy, though. Just don’t get me started on the hot summers!

Since we’ve lived in southwestern Indiana for nine years, I’ve come to really dislike snow. It doesn’t happen here very often, which is nice. But, when it does, it’s a big deal. Schools close. People go sledding. It’s an event. However, they really don’t know how to drive in it. Thus, I stay off the roads. Ice happens here more often. That is dangerous and I definitely don’t drive in that. Since we homeschool, my kids know that we don’t take snow days. We take nice, sunny spring days. Much more worth it.

All of this is to say. I’m getting snow crabby in my (somewhat) older age. I don’t wish for a white Christmas (just spent a sunny one in Phoenix). I’m not thinking it is not truly winter because it hasn’t snowed yet. I’m rejoicing, because today I mowed and the snow shovels are way in the back of the shed!

Those are my thoughts for today!


3 comments on “What’s so great about snow?

  1. ahh…I share your sentiments though I have only lived in areas where it snows in the winter…and the older I get, the further south I want to live….

  2. Snow: love to watch it fall…and send the kids out to play in it, but thats about it for me.
    P.S. Thanks for the font change, Jeresa…LOL

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