Counting those “last time I”ll be doing this” times

I am sitting at my daughter’s sewing lesson. I haven’t done this in a while—sitting in someone else’s home while my kids learn fun things. I have sat and waited while they’ve taken piano lessons and guitar lessons; at soccer, basketball, and baseball practices; during play rehearsals and children’s church choir rehearsals. I have probably sat and waited for more hours than I wish to count. Since I don’t “waste” time very well and want to be productive with my time as much as possible, during those waiting times, I would read, correct homework, do lesson plans, or complete Bible studies. I actually enjoyed those wait times because during my regular day I rarely had time to do things like read—quite a luxury for a busy homeschool mom! Sometimes, I would just watch. Especially at sports and play practices. I didn’t participate in sports or drama when I was a kid, so it was fascinating for me to watch and learn.

My days of taking kids to activities are coming to an end. My daughter is a senior this year. In fact, she could have driven herself here, but she wanted me to come along. I probably should be taking the lesson along with her – I don’t sew, thus the reason I am paying for her to take lessons. This is one more of those things this year that I look at and go “this is the last time I’ll be doing this.”

Life is full of seasons. I’ve had several already – career woman, stay-at-home mom, home educator.

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Not sure what the “empty nest” season has in store for me. I’ve been praying about that a lot. I know God has a plan for me and has been preparing me for it, but as of yet, He hasn’t let me in on that plan. Even though I’m sad that my days as homeschool mom are coming to a close, I’m anxious and excited to see what God has in store for me for the future. Homeschooling my kids has been a joy and a privilege. One I know God led me to and had in mind for our family before my husband and I came to the same realization. So, I know that my next season will also be filled with joy because God always has great things in mind for His children and never lets us down.

Those are my thoughts for today


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