Where is God in your New Years’ resolutions?

It is the start of a new year and many people make resolutions, which often don’t make it to the end of January. I recently read an article on whether Christians should make New Year’s resolutions. My take on this is that if God isn’t the source of the resolution, then it won’t be successful any way. Whether needing to lose weight, exercise more, or commit to an intentional prayer life, resolutions are hollow without the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit.

On New Year’s Eve, the lead pastor of our church’s counseling ministry brought a message on purpose. He discussed how God has a purpose for each and every one of His followers. Of course, there is the corporate purpose for all His people—The Great Commission and The Great Commandment. But, then, God has personal purposes for each person.

For me, that is what I want to figure out for 2012. This will be a year of transition for me. I’ll be wrapping up my time as a homeschool mom. Thus, God’s purpose for me for the past nine years will be ending. Both my husband and I will be turning 50 this year. Our son will turn 21 and our daughter 18. We may or may not be empty nesters.

I know God has a plan for me, He just hasn’t made it abundantly clear to me yet. I do believe He wants me to do something with my writing, which is why I’ve started this blog. Just like with homeschooling, he’s been nudging me in this direction for some time, and I’m finally giving in.

I think it is important for us Christians to make resolutions that are in line with God’s will for us. Not just on January 1, but all throughout the year. What is the Holy Spirit telling us we should be doing? If it’s to lose weight to be healthier, then do it. If your prayer life is lacking and you’re being convicted about that, then do it. But, without the Holy Spirit’s direction, guidance, and wisdom, resolutions are just hollow promises to ourselves. So as a recent devotional from David Jeremiah says: “What has God put in your heart to do? Because when you get in the sweet spot of God’s vision for your life, you’ll be in the center of His will for 2012.”

And that is where I intend to be!

Dove of the Holy Spirit (ca. 1660, alabaster, ...

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Those are my thoughts for today


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