How do you watch TV?

Do you remember when your family got cableTV? I think my family didn’t get cable until I was in college. I remember being fascinated that we could get stations from Chicago (WGN) and Atlanta (WTBS). Now, fast forward to present day, there are hundreds of stations to choose from in digital and HD. But looking at my family these days, I’d say cable is on its way out.

My husband and I rarely watch programming at the time it airs – except sports. We DVR our favorite shows and watch them when we have time or a desire for that show. We tend to like to watch movies, so streaming (or DVDs) from Netflix is often the way we watch those. Though, we do usually check to see what is on TCM first.

We like watching shows on DVR because we can fast forward through the commercials. This has become such a habit that on the rare occasion we watch a show “live,” whoever has the remote will push the fast forward button when a commercial comes on. We like to tease each other when that happens! The pause button is nice, too. We can decide when to go make popcorn or to run upstairs to change into sweats. We don’t have to wait for commercials to dictate our moving away from the TV.

My kids (age 17 & 20) are definitely the “new wave” of TV watching. Neither of them actually watches a television set. They both watch shows on their lap tops. They either use Netflix, Hulu, or go to the station web sites. My daughter is hooked on YouTube. Recently, USA Today ran an article on how YouTube will be having original programming–actual shows produced for them. I think Netflix is looking into that also. I suspect my kids will probably not have cable TV hook-ups when they get their own places. They’ll only need cable for getting Wi-Fi connectivity.

It is amazing to think of where technology has gone during my lifetime. I was thrilled to get an electric typewriter with correction ribbon for my high school graduation. Now I sit with a lap top on my lap typing out these blogs that go into the atmosphere and somehow reach you so you can read them on your computer.

I wonder what type of technology I’ll be using in 10 years. More than likely I won’t be watching TV using a cable hook-up. Actually, I like that thought.

Those are my thoughts for today



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