Reading God’s Word in a new way

I have never done one of those “Read through the Bible in a Year” things. I tend to like to study God’s word in-depth. Taking my time to make sure I understand each verse. I like to use studies with questions so I can learn not only what God is meaning in His word, but how I can apply it to my life right now. So reading the whole Bible in stated amount of time has never appealed to me. Until now.

This fall a group of women at our church committed to read the New Testament together from September through March. We don’t meet together physically but through e-mails. Our leader sends out “Fast Facts” sheets at the beginning of each week (Wednesday to Wednesday)


Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

to tell us about the particular book we will be reading that week. Who wrote it; when it was written; the audience; the length in chapters, verses, and word count; and any other interesting information.  Each book, for one week. Then at the end of the week, we each send out e-mails to everyone telling what verses impacted us that week.

It was tough to get through the Gospels.  They are long books to try and finish in one week. The Epistles have been a little easier. I had fun with the Gospels by reading them in different versions. You see, I’m an NIV gal. I rarely stray from it. If I do, it is with the New Living Translation. But I ventured out….Matthew in the NIV, Mark in the NLT, Luke in the Common English, and John in the New American Standard. It was fun to read those familiar books with different wordings and phrases. It helped me not to take them for granted and just scan over the familiar verses. For Paul’s letters, I’ve read most of them in the new NIV. But for Ephesians, I’ve switched it up once again and am reading it in the Good News version. Who knows what I’ll do for the remainder of the New Testament, but I’m really enjoying just reading God’s word and not worrying about finishing a study or searching for answers to particular questions.

It is always good to go outside our usual routine and see how God can speak to us in a new environment. It likely will give us fresh perspective and allow the Holy Spirit the chance to show us anew God’s love and direction for us. I know this reading through the New Testament has done that for me.


Those are my thoughts for today


One comment on “Reading God’s Word in a new way

  1. What a great idea! It helps so much to have others to discuss what you’re reading with. And like you, I prefer doing deeper verse-by-verse study – but this is the first time I’ve done the “whole Bible in a year” and am really enjoying the “big picture” I get. I’m also doing a study, and it’s interesting to find how the 2 relate (“big picture” with “little details”).

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