My daughter’s graduation and my “retirement”

My daughter, Rachel, is graduating high school this year. During her brother’s senior year, I was counting the “lasts” all year. True to the second child, I haven’t really been counting those “lasts” with Rachel. I think it is because I’d be counting them for me, also. You see, not only is it Rachel’s graduation, but my retirement as a home educator. It seems weird to be retiring at this point in my life. I’m about 15 years away from the usual retirement age. But, children grow up and our daily time with them ends.

I have loved homeschooling my children. It was a call from God for our family to homeschool and it is God who has helped us through the rough spots and it is also my dear Lord who provided the joy. My husband and I call our children the grand experiment. They went to public school (in Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, and Texas) and they have gone to Christian school (in Texas). When we moved to Indiana, we began to homeschool.

Sombrero y diploma de graduación

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God had been working on me to homeschool since my son was in kindergarten. We moved a lot and I think I just kept squashing His voice in the busyness of moving, reestablishing our homes, and maintaining our family. Then God’s voice came through my son, “Can we homeschool, please!” I heard his plea and knew that God was now hitting me where it hurt the most—my heart. My husband was fully on-board and supportive of us homeschooling.

Looking back, I see the hand of God in us moving to southwest Indiana. My husband and I used to tell people in other parts of Indiana that where we lived was “homeschool heaven.” We couldn’t have lived anywhere better for us to start the homeschooling journey. There are many, many homeschoolers in this area. I found a support network of other moms. Our kids found friends. And homeschooling became the best thing to ever happen to our family. Was it easy—no way! Was it fun—most of the time, but not always! Have I seen the fruit of my labor—you betcha! I’ve worked hard, I’ve built fantastic relationships with both of my children, and numerous intangible rewards which I wouldn’t give up for the world. So, I think that along with my daughter’s graduation, we should have a retirement party—I deserve it!!

Those are my thoughts for today.


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