Cars? How in the world did he get interested in that?

Do you ever look at your kids and think, “How in the world did they get like that?” Not in a bad way. Just curious as to how they became interested in something or how they acquired a specific talent. Both of my kids baffle me. They both have skills, talents, and interests that neither my husband nor I have.

Now, genetics answers the question of looks. Both of our children are a good combination of my husband and I. Even though people will say my son looks like my husband and that my daughter looks like me, I really don’t agree. When I was a teen, people would often comment about how much I looked like my mom. I could see that. I did look a lot like her at that time. But my daughter and I only slightly look alike. Now my son and husband may look a bit more alike, but only a little more.

However, genetics doesn’t answer the question of skills, talents, and interests. Environment probably answers that question. But, then how did my son come to have such a huge interest in cars? My husband really doesn’t like cars. To him, they are just a good mode for getting from one place to the other. As long as it has four tires and will get him where he needs to go, that is good enough for him.

It wasn’t like my son and husband spent weekends rebuilding engines together. In fact, I doubt they ever even changed the oil. If we had lived closer to Iowa while my kids were growing up, there could have been grandfather influence. But, that didn’t happen either.

My son loves working on cars. He is now living at home after two years at two different colleges. He is working at a lube shop at a local dealership. He loves it. This fall, his dad and he went on a road trip to Dallas so he could purchase an Audi S4 with a 2.7L V6 Bi-Turbo (had to make sure and add that for clarification!). He has worked and worked on that car since he purchased it. He will spend a whole day working on other people’s cars to come home and work a few hours more on his own vehicle. He will spend his days off working on his car.

It baffles me. Where in the world did he come to be a mechanic? I’m glad he has found something that he loves and enjoys doing. But, I guess, only God can answer the question of “Cars? Really? How did he get good at that?”

Those are my thoughts for today.


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