The Little Girl and Her Cat

Smokey the Cat

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted a cat. She begged and begged her parents for one. But her parents did not want to bring a kitten into the home while their old dog was peacefully spending the last months of her life.

On Thanksgiving, the old dog’s life came to an end. The little girl asked if a cat could be gotten now that the dog was no longer. The mother didn’t want another pet so soon and asked the girl to wait a little while longer.

At Christmas, the parents surprised the little girl with a “coupon” to go and pick-out a cat at the local no kill facility. In January, the whole family loaded into the car to go and find that special cat just for them. There were not too many cats or kittens to choose from since the holiday had depleted the supply.

The little girl was looking for a kitten that she could hold and cuddle and that would purr and love her. As luck would have it, there was a beautiful, gray kitten looking for a little girl to love her, too. The little girl picked up the kitten and held her. She was soft and furry. The kitten began to purr right away. The mom came and held the kitten and she purred. The dad held the kitten and she purred. The brother held the kitten and she purred. The family knew that this was the cat for them.

The girl brought the kitten home and loved her. The cat would snuggle in her arms and purr and purr. The kitten loved her new home; even when a golden retriever joined the family. She even loved her home when a Beagle/Dalmatian mix dog showed up in their garage and the family kept that dog, too. The cat remained the ruler of the animal menagerie because she was there first.

Now the cat is 11 and the girl is growing up. But, the girl still likes to hold and cuddle with the cat. And, the cat still purrs and purrs.

Those are my thoughts for today

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