Of course, it’s about the Super Bowl today!

The Super Bowl was last night. I guess most people know that. My husband is the big sports fan in our household. I asked him what team he was routing for. He said he wasn’t really for one team or the other, but probably the Giants more than the Patriots. It was pretty close throughout the game. But, the Giants pulled it out in the end.

I’m not a football fan. I went to games in college because it was something to do. I really didn’t watch the games. It was more a socializing time. I’m one of those that watches the Super Bowl for the ads and for the half-time show (which I rarely enjoy any way).

I like making food for the game. We usually just have a family evening. We’ve hosted a few parties and gone to a few parties over the years, but staying home is our typical mode for watching the big game. This year, I told myself I wouldn’t over-do the food as I have in the past. But we were still stuffed by the second half.

This year I purchased hummus to have with vegies. I made chocolate chip cookie dough dip and served with apple and banana slices and Nilla wafers. I also purchased a brie wheel in pastry with almonds and raspberry jam. The gooey melted brie on toasted French bread rounds was “oh so good!” At half time we had sloppy Joe’s made in the crock pot with tator tots. For an after-game sweet, I made French silk pie. Wow, listing it all here makes me stuffed again!

What did you eat during the Super Bowl? Do you have any food traditions for the big game?

What about the commercials? Which ones were your favorites? Here’s a list of mine:

  • The Elton John Pepsi  ad
  • E*Trade (as always!)
  • The Voice ad with Betty White
  • Chevy Armaggedon ad (if only because Twinkies will survive!)
  • Coca-Cola’s polar bears (a yearly favorite)
  • Clint Eastwood and Chrysler/Dodge (I thought it might be a political ad at first)

Football season is over for this year. My husband will watch college basketball now and again until the NCAAs when he’ll really get into watching. Then it is baseball season. Baseball is his favorite and the one sport I half an interest in. So, until the World Series….


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