Generations of Faith

Some people are really into genealogy. My husband is one of those. His maternal side of his family has some interesting background and descendants who were good at keeping track of past generations. My family is not so good. My father’s side has some family trees that have been done, but not so much my mom’s side of the family. The one thing about my genealogy that I’d like to know is those who were believers in Jesus Christ. That fact doesn’t show up on the genealogy sites.

I find it fascinating to watch families of true believers and how that strong faith passes down from generation to generation. And, admittedly, I’m a little jealous. I do not have that background. My husband and I are starting a new Christian heritage. I pray that it continues on down through the generations to come.

My maternal grandparents were strong believers. Even though my immediate family did not attend church (not even Easter or Christmas), I still noticed that my grandparents were different. They lived out their convictions. Our family might have dismissed their non-drinking, non-swearing ways behind their backs; but, it was only because their convictions were so strong.

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Now that I’m a believer, I wish I could talk to my grandparents about their faith. What was their favorite book of the Bible? Did they have a favorite verse? How had they seen God work in their lives? Were there times it was hard for them to live in the world but not be of the world?

My grandfather was great at telling stories and passing on nuggets of wisdom. How I wish I could have him alongside me sharing those stories of faith and wisdom he most certainly had if only I would have listened. My grandmother was a sweet woman. She was a rock, hardly ever showing her emotions. The letters we have from her from her early married years

do not share anything about what she was feeling or thinking. Just the facts were listed and how she filled her days. What I’d like to know is… Did she pray? Was Jesus who she leaned on during those difficult years? Did God’s Word provide her with strength, solace, or joy? My grandparents were raised during the era when the Bible was a book to cherish. You didn’t write in it or mark it up. The Bible was a sacred book and to do that would be to show disrespect. But, how I’d love to look through one of their Bibles and see notes or underlines.

For the future generations after me, my Bible is well marked. They’ll see a star by Galatians 2:20 – as that is my favorite verse. There will be lots of underlines, highlights, and notes. Hopefully, I will pass along to my children and grandchildren the stories of how God helped me through tough times. How He provided me with much peace at all times. When leaning on Jesus was about the only thing I could do since leaning on my own strength would cause me to fall. How listening to the Holy Spirit’s promptings helped me to follow God’s will for my life and not to go down the wrong path.  That a life lived with Christ is worthy and honorable and so much better than what the world has to offer. I look forward to the future when I will see my dear grandparents once again and will hug them and say “Are you surprised to see me here? You shouldn’t be because I watched you, and I saw the life you lived in Christ and it was a wonderful example to me.”


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