A Valentine to my family

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It’s Valentine’s Day and so I thought I’d write a special note to the three people I love most in this world – my husband, my son, and my daughter.

How do I love thee, let me count the ways….oops, someone else has already taken that line. Oh well, I’m still going to recount what I love most about my family.

My hubby. There is probably too much to put here, but most of all, I love how you have put up with me for over 26 years. God was wise in providing me with a man with an even keel. My emotions can go all over the place (especially these days with hormones receding!), so it is nice to have a soul mate who can see things through a more constructive lens. You have a good head on your shoulders and can be quite wise when called on to be. I have loved watching you be a father. You were one of those fathers that didn’t raise your voice, but when a point needed to be made, the kids knew their dad meant business. You have steadfastly shown your love and support for those two since they were conceived. I can’t think of anything better than having a husband who is a wonderful father. You had to deal with some personal issues and did all that you could do to overcome them and make sure our marriage would survive. For a woman, love is said by a man who will take all the steps necessary to make sure that happens. As we head into the next phase of our life (empty-nesting), I’m excited to see how our relationship will grow and change and deepen. Love you, honey!

My son. You have the best laugh ever. Even when you were a little guy, I loved to hear you laugh. It was almost a giggle then. Now, when you and your buddies are over and are down in the basement “hanging out,” I can pick your laugh out over the others. You, son, have sparkling blue eyes. They show your emotions. I can tell when you aren’t feeling well or down because they become almost gray. But when you are happy, they shine. This might sound strange, but I love your strong mindedness. You know what you want and no one can change your mind. That has been tough as a parent, but now that you are a young man, it suits you. Becoming an adult has been a struggle, but you are handling it well and I am proud of you for that. Knowing that you needed to leave college and take some time to think about what you should do next was a wise decision. You have big decisions to be making in the next few months and I’m not worried about you doing what is best. The LORD told Joshua to be “strong and courageous.” I wrote a note to you when you graduated high school and quoted that scripture. I do so again, because as a young man in today’s world, you need a lot of strength and courage. My red headed fellow has it in him and I look forward to watching you become the man God has in mind for you to be. Love you, goober-monster!

My daughter. When you were little, I used to tell you that when people looked up “joyful” in the dictionary, your picture would be there. That is still true today. I have joy in watching your joy. Daughter, you have always liked to have fun. Even chores could become fun in your hands. You have brought laughter, joy, and sunshine into our lives. Our family would be so dull without you. It’d be made up of three first-borns – ugh! In our family there are –isms from you that only you could have come up with. I used to say I was going to write them down and publish a book called “Wisdom from the Back Seat” because a lot of your special sayings would come while we were driving somewhere and you were sitting in your car seat. I never did that and now regret it terribly. Your brother will often post on Facebook the things that you say. A lot of his FB “friends” probably don’t get it unless they know his sister well. I like watching you being a very good friend. You love to hug and I love getting hugs from you. I hope I never stop receiving them. Dear daughter, you are a beautiful (inside and out) young lady. I see you being much wiser than I was at your age. Love you, sweetie!

Those are my thoughts for today.


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