My journey to healthier eating

Several years ago I committed to eating healthier. Doing those things all the “experts” tell us we should do: cut out saturated fat, use less salt and refined sugar, eat more vegetables and fruit, use leaner cuts of meat, etc. You know the drill. Anyone who doesn’t must have had their head in a hole for the past 10 years.

In eating healthier, I also hoped to lose some weight. Many years ago, for some stupid reason, I thought I was overweight and started dieting. I was much thinner then and don’t know why I thought I needed to lose weight. I am your typical yo-yo dieter. I’ve lost hundreds of pounds to only gain them back and more on top. I am committed to not doing that kind of thing again. However, I could use to take off a few (like 30!) pounds. So, instead of doing a “diet,” I decided just to try eating healthier and watch portion sizes and snacks.

About three or four years ago, I decided to give up chemical sweeteners. I was a diet soda junkie. That, I decided, was not in the healthy range. So, I gave up Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi for Diet Rite, because supposedly the sweetener in Diet Rite was better for me. My friends would tease me and ask, “No caffeine, no sugar…what’s the point?” I’d answer, “The carbonation!” My body doesn’t handle caffeine well, so what was the point of drinking soda? If it was for carbonation, I could certainly get that another way. Thus started my quest for carbonated beverages without caffeine and chemical sweeteners. I’ve found Izzes—really like those! But the best is fruit juice with club soda.

Next, I wanted to cut the fat and calories. I found the Sonoma Diet. I bought the book and loved the recipes, so I went and purchased The Sonoma Diet Cookbook. Then I found Ellie Krieger on the Food Network (she’s also on the Cooking Channel). I have two of her books So Easy and The Food You Crave.

I’m a cook book fanatic. I love reading them like novels. A cook book with good photography is like heaven to me. I think I actually drool sometimes when thumbing through the pages. Ellie Krieger’s books are like that. The photography is wonderful. I’ll try a recipe and if I liked it (and my family, of course), then I rate it: “good,” “yummy,” “awesome,” “so-so,” “not good.” Ellie’s books are full of the first three.

The pounds haven’t rolled off (except during the time I worked at Hobby Lobby – another story for another time). But, I do feel like we are eating healthier and going in the right direction.

What ways have you found to eat healthier and still enjoy cooking and eating? Try out Ellie and let me know what you think. Her books can be found in the library. That is where I started and then I had to go purchase them for myself.

Those are my thoughts for today.


3 comments on “My journey to healthier eating

  1. Ahhh yes…once when our budget was super-squeezed, we ate a lot of SOUP! It was like I put my whole family on the soup diet…cabbage soup, cauliflower soup, black bean soup…I added quinoa to those btw…I think I had that (and loved it) at your house for the first time.

  2. My husband and I did the Daniel Fast, and although it was a 21 day spiritual journey we ended up losing weight. We are trying to find a way to implement areas of that way of eating into a daily eating lifestyle. Now there’s the Daniel Diet… I’ll probably check that out too.,,

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