My journey to exercising more

My previous post was on my journey to healthier eating. I’ve also been on a journey to exercising more.

I’ve always liked to take walks and ride my bike. However, they were more for leisure and not to raise my heart rate.

I’ve never really been into athletics. I tried swim team in 7th grade because I liked to swim. But trying to go fast just wasn’t that much fun. Plus, having to get up early to go to the pool before school was not my thing—I’ve never been a morning person. As a teen, I liked playing tennis and was somewhat good at it and I do regret not trying out for the tennis team. Waterskiing was another sport I enjoyed. But beyond that, sports and exercising have not been top priorities in my life.

As an adult, I started doing aerobics at a health club in Kansas City. I got a reduced membership through work. I really liked aerobics because it involved music and was sort of like dancing. I also tried step aerobics and really liked that, too. During both of my pregnancies, I did maternity exercise classes. Those were interesting since my center of gravity was off balance.

Fast forward to the present….for several years I have been walking to get myself in better shape. Occasionally, I throw in a bike ride (especially if my husband comes along). It was really helping for a time but I knew I needed to add something to get myself in better condition.

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Last summer, a local gym had a Groupon deal and I decided to take advantage of that to see if I would like going back to a club. I took tennis lessons and did water aerobics. I had so much fun! The club, of course, offered a special deal to extend the membership for a year and I couldn’t pass it up. Now I go four to five days a week in the mornings for Pilates, water aerobics, work out classes, and tennis.

Starting at the beginning of this month, they started a program called “I Lost it At the Club.” I decided to participate to see if it’d motivate me to exercise more and to eat healthier. Participants receive points for attending certain classes. They are providing nutrition classes, also. The first week, I received a gift card from a drawing for the classes I attended. That gave me an extra boost to keep going. The nutrition classes have been fun, because even though it is the same thing we’ve heard over and over, the people in the class share what has been working for them and areas they struggle with. Then we share ideas on how to overcome our difficulties.

So, as I’m nearing my 50th birthday, I think I’m doing better with my health than ever before. I pray that I keep it up. It helps that I am making new friends in the classes and that instructors notice when I miss a day.

How do you fit exercising into your daily routine? What types of exercise do you like to do?

Those are my thoughts for today.


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