When two or more are gathered together…

My husband and I have been involved in small group Bible studies for at least 15 years. We’ve led groups and been participants in groups.  We even led the small group ministry at our church in San Antonio. We have found that connecting with a group of people to study God’s word and to share life together has helped us in our walk with the Lord.

The current group we are in was started 2 years ago. There have been some people who have started and then left the group, but there is a core group of five couples and one gal that have been in the group since it started.

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Over the past few months, every one of the couples in our group has had major things happen in their lives. Most of them dealing with our children—our young adult children. This past Wednesday, we spent our time together catching up on what was going on and adding to the list of crises. We didn’t get to our study of John. It was too important to share and talk and receive support from each other.

Our leader said we must be doing something right as a group to be having so many things happening at the same time. Another person in our group felt the same way. She saw all of this as Satan’s way to try to break us down.

But….when a group of Christians come together to share life’s ups and downs, I believe, Jesus rewards that and helps us to stand strong and withstand the hard times in our lives. In our group right now, we have cancer, MS, job loss, meth use, unplanned pregnancy, teen run away—heavy stuff. However, in sharing Wednesday night, we could laugh, cry, support, and pray for each other. It was a wonderful evening.

At the end of the evening, our leader had us pray prayers of Thanksgiving. We went around the room and each person prayed for something he or she was thankful for. What a great way to refocus–to look at the blessings we have even amongst the pain and hurt.

I know my husband and me when driving home Wednesday evening felt our burdens eased and lightened up. I pray you have a group of faithful friends you can share and grow in the Lord with. If not, I highly recommend you find a group. Most churches these days have small group ministries, so just ask or start one yourself.

Those are my thoughts for today.


2 comments on “When two or more are gathered together…

  1. Awesome encouragement! So glad you are blessed by others and have the opportunity to bless others by sharing their burdens! Christian friends are what helps this life to be more beautiful….and bearable!

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