My thoughts on turning 50


I will be turning 50 in one week. It seems strange to be hitting this milestone. I’ve heard people say that their body ages but they don’t. They feel younger than they look or what their body will allow them to do. I can understand that.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to see Ken Davis’ movie “Fully Alive.” It was two hours of laughing mixed in with a little bit of crying. If you aren’t familiar with Ken, he is a Christian comedian/speaker.

His movie’s premise is that at age 65 he started living fully alive and that is what Christ wants us to do– to live this life to its fullest. As I listened to him tell the stories of his life and sat there laughing, I wondered if I’ve been living fully alive. Have I reached my full potential?

I can easily be lazy. It comes very naturally to me. If given the chance, I can spend days in front of the TV just blanking out on life. I can’t do that very often because I need to get things accomplished for my family. But as my kids get older and they need me less to clean, cook, do laundry for them, the easier it is for me to get lazy. My daughter doesn’t really need me to help her with her schoolwork anymore. So, as a homeschool mom, those tasks have greatly decreased also.

I’ve been praying for about year now asking God what He’d like me to do next. He doesn’t seem to be making that clear, as of yet. Though, there are some circumstances in our family right now that might clarify all of that.

Change is difficult. Our lives have different seasons, different priorities, and different callings. I’m entering a new season. I’ll be ending 10 years of homeschooling. We might be empty nesters (some day!). My kids are young adults but still in our home and still needing some guidance, direction, and advice from their parents. It is a strange season I seem to be in and seem to be entering. It certainly is different than I thought it would be when I’d ponder about turning 50 years old.

But after watching that movie yesterday, I’m determined to live the next part of my life Fully Alive and fully committed to whatever my Lord and Savior wants me to do. Now if I could just jump out of bed in the morning instead of carefully putting my feet down because I never know what part of me is going to ache!

Those are my thoughts for today.


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