Breakfast–it’s our favorite

My family loves breakfast food, especially eggs. My kids have loved eggs since they were little. To them, nothing was better than having breakfast for dinner.

For Christmas one year, my husband and I gave them a waffle maker. When we would go to hotels that had make-your-own waffles, the kids thought that was special. So, we provided that for them at home. For a while, I’d have waffle batter pre-made in the refrigerator that they could use to make their own waffles. My daughter liked adding chocolate chips to hers. The novelty wore off, but they still like making waffles.

On weekends, I usually make a “big” breakfast on Sundays. That is often the only meal I cook on Sunday. The rest of the day, the family can fend for themselves!

I like planning breakfasts when we have family or other company staying with us. I have several things I like to make, but my most favorite menu is: Crustless Quiche, Skiers’ Sausage, and Frozen Fruit Salad.

The first two items come from the Colorado Cache cookbook by the Junior League of Denver. Even though we lived in the Denver area for 18 months, that is not where I got the cookbook. My mom had received it and liked it so much; she ordered copies of it for my sister and me. I have another Junior League cookbook from my hometown of Waterloo, Iowa (Buttercups and Brandy). It also has wonderful things in it, many of which are favorites of mine.

The frozen fruit salad comes from my mother-in-law. Among family members and friends, she is known as the “Salad Queen.” This was a salad she’d serve for breakfast, though. For holidays, she’d have a houseful, so I’m sure making something like this was easy to do since it could be made ahead, put in the freezer, and pulled out when needed. I think it is something a little unexpected and different than a regular fruit salad to serve at a brunch.

The Crustless Quiche, Skiers’ Sausage, and Frozen Fruit Salad can be found under the Recipes tab above. Hope you enjoy!

Those are my thoughts for today.


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