A Letter to My Daughter upon Her High School Graduation

My Dear Sweet Daughter,

It took 36 hours for you to finally come into this world. You were just happy to be where you were and in no hurry to face what was waiting for you. Being induced was no fun for me, but I desperately did not want another C-section. That didn’t happen, so into the operating room I went again. What joy to have a sweet little girl. Since your 3 ½ year old brother was boy enough for me, I was ready for a girl to play with and share with. God was gracious to grant my heart’s desire. He also was wise in providing your father and I with one girl and one boy since having another C-section made the thought of another pregnancy an unpleasant prospect for me.

You started out asserting your influence by not sleeping at night and not wanting to be rocked. We quickly worked to change your sleeping habits and also found the infant swing to be the ideal method to get you to sleep. One time during a church service, one of the nursery workers came to get me. She said you had been crying the whole time (over one hour) and they couldn’t get you calmed down. I walked into the nursery, saw an infant swing and asked if they had tried that. When they replied they had not, I informed them that the swing was what would help calm you down. From then on, you spent your Sunday mornings in the infant swing in the nursery.

As soon as you could crawl, you were happy. I think you wanted to keep up with your very active brother. That started me telling you what a joy you were to us. As you grew, I would tell you that when people looked up the word “joy” in the dictionary, they’d find your picture there.

You’ve always been able to go with the flow–a very good trait for a second child. Your brother has always had to have the day’s itinerary laid out for him and didn’t like when anything deviated from the set plans. You, however, didn’t want to know all the plans. You’d just go along to go along.

“Fun” should have been your middle name (Joy Fun – good name!). You could make anything fun. You also would not be interested in anything unless it was fun. That made it interesting for me, especially when I started giving you chores to do. I had to come up with some way to make them fun. Folding socks and throwing them into a basket was one way to make a mundane chore fun. You elevated the fun-factor of our family, given that you are in a household of Type A first-born personalities.

You also had no fear. You provided plenty of scary events for us: hanging over a bridge 100 feet above the water, walking close to the edge of a mountain path, riding an upside-down roller coaster as soon as your height allowed. You’ve calmed down in this area—thank God!

Remember how you didn’t want to learn how to ride a bike with training wheels because you wanted to be like your brother? Well, you did it, with your brother’s help. I can picture that big smile on your face as you rode around and around the cul-de-sac showing your dad and me that you could do what you said you were going to do! That happened with roller blades, too, no easy does for you—just full steam ahead.

My heart broke when you were in Kindergarten and they found out you may have some reading difficulties. Then we moved to San Antonio and those schools wouldn’t even help you. That turned my broken heart into a raging mad heart. As your mom, I wanted the best for you. Thus, homeschooling was the way to go. I searched and prayed for just the right things to help you in your reading. I am so proud of you now. You’ve conquered the mild dyslexia you have and can read any books your heart desires. You’ve also been able to share with your younger cousin and give her hope. That is truly turning what looks like a negative into a positive.

You are still a joy. We’ve had a bumpy path this senior year of yours. But, we’ve made it through. It did my heart good to have you tell me, “Mom, when I leave home, I’m going to call you every day.” Since sharing our day’s events with each other is a normal routine for us. I loved how you didn’t want that to end.

You are a beautiful (inside and out) young lady. I pray that you find something that you can be passionate about; whether that is a career, a ministry, or a family. I want you to be able to do that thing and find the joy and blessings a passion can bring to your life. For me, it has been being a mom. And being your mom has brought me much joy and many blessings.

I pray also that you find just that right person to share your life with—God willing. I pray he cherishes, adores, and brings out the best in you. I pray you desire to share everything with him (the ups and downs) and find deep love and someone to share a life with.

As a mom, I want you to have a wonderful life. Reality is that life can be difficult, very difficult, at times. Just remember, God works all things for good for those who love Him (even if we can’t see what that is) and that your dad and I will always be here for a listening ear and guidance, if desired. As a child, you loved Jesus with an easy sweetness. I pray you return to that easy, sweet love for Him because life can be so much easier with Him guiding us and holding us up.

Congratulations sweet pea! You’ve earned it!


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