Five-Minute Friday

I’m trying something new today. I learned about this from a new friend at our church who also blogs. The Gypsy Mama has a 5-minute prompt for bloggers. She gives a topic and we are to write for five minutes without stopping — no editing (that’ll be hard for me!), no back-tracking, etc.

So, today, I’m going to try it….here I go…..

English: Alarm clock Polski: Budzik

English: Alarm clock Polski: Budzik (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Right now in my life, I have a lot of expectation for those I love.

My daughter, who just graduated from high school….for her future. Anything is possible for her right now. She has many interests and is unable to choose which one to follow for a career. She is taking a year off to work and try to figure out what she might like to do. In one way it is exciting to see where God may lead her. In another it is hard to watch her be confused and unsure.

My son. He will be a father for the first time in four months. Watching his excitement to being a son, but also as his mom realizing this is going to change his life dramatically.

My husband. After working from home for over a year will be opening an office. It’s been nice having him home. I could walk into that little bedroom turned office and get his opinion on things or discuss matters that needed discussing or tell him there was water in the basement. Parts of this office opening have been frustrating for him and that is hard for me to watch because I want things to go smoothly for him, but there is much expectation as to what this office will do for his career.

Time’s up and I didn’t even get to touch on me…oh, well, maybe next time!


2 comments on “Five-Minute Friday

  1. Reading your post I realised that we have expectations for our children based on their age and where they are in their lives. Right now, for example, I expect my children to work hard at school and get the grades they need to move onto university/college to train for their career.

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