It all started with an invitation to dance

It was 30 years ago, he came out of nowhere. Cute, tall, blonde. I had been there for several hours with girlfriends I had ridden on a Greyhound bus to visit. He asked me to dance. I wondered where he had come from because I was aware of every male in the place. We danced. He was a good dancer which always scored high with me. We parted ways. I thought, nope, it can’t end here. So I looked around for him. Saw him at a table by the bathrooms–aha, strategy. I went to the ladies room and when I came out, I stopped and told him to ask me to dance again. He did.

Thirty years later, we’ve been married 27 years and have a 21-year-old son, a 17-year-old daughter, and are expecting our first grandson.

We’ve had our ups and downs like all married couples. We’ve even had some very tough times. We’ve had to work very hard to make our marriage work and to focus on us as a couple. Now, at 27 years, we are in that comfortable place and our struggles don’t center around us so much as to the struggles of parenting young adult children.

I like where we are. I like the “dance” we do each and every day with each other. I like that we both place Jesus first in our lives individually and together.

I’m sure the next 27 years (God willing) will have tough times, easy times, times of joy, and times of sorrow, but I’m glad that young college guy asked me to dance those many years ago. I can’t imagine life without him in it.

Those are my thoughts for today.


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