When I think I’ve had enough

Each Friday, blogger Lisa-Jo Baker challenges us other bloggers to write for five minutes straight on a topic she chooses. We are to just write–no editing, re-thinking, or re-writing. So, here is my attempt at “Five Minute Friday” this week. If you’d like to check out other bloggers thoughts on the topic, just click on the Five Minute Friday button at the end of my blog.

The topic: Enough

Sometimes I think I’ve had enough.

The young adults kids who are not reaching their God-given potential.

The husband who travels several days a week for work.

The dog who keeps eating my tomatoes or peaches I’ve just purchased–off of the counter.

The cat that is finding new places to poop, but keeps peeing in her litter box–why?

My tennis backhand that doesn’t improve no matter what I try.

Then I hear about the missing girls in Iowa. Read the prayer request for a dad who needs a job and the lady who is #20 on the kidney transplant list. I see on our local TV news about the two homeless men sleeping down by the river that were stabbed while they slept.

My “I’ve had enough”s are petty. I’m not worrying about where my kids could be or what could be happening to them. My husband has a great job and good security. Everyone in my family is in great health. We have a nice home and plenty of food.

God is always great to put things in perspective for me. To show me that He has provided and will always provide. I’m thankful He does that and that I don’t last too long in my wallowing.

Next time I get the “I’ve had enough” mood. I’ll stop and get myself some perspective and start listing the blessings God has given me and tell myself to get over it!

Those are my thoughts for today.



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