Doing that one thing you are afraid to do

What is that one thing you are afraid to do?  Do you have a fear you just can’t seem to shake? I’m not talking phobias or life-stopping fears. Just those nagging fears that could be, most likely, overcome.

For me, I have a fear of heights. I’ll probably never go up to the top of the Washington Monument. I’ve been to the top of the St. Louis Arch, but never again. I will climb a ladder, but don’t like it and if I can avoid doing so, I do. My fear of heights hasn’t keep me from flying or going in elevators (unless they are glass enclosed) or hiking in the Rockies. But, because of my fear of heights, I’ll never bungee jump or parasail or hang glide.

A few months ago, I read a novel by Erica Bauermeister (Joy for Beginners). It was part of the She Reads on-line book discussion club. It was a fun book. The main character is challenged by her daughter to go white-water rafting after she has beat cancer. The mom is afraid to go white-water rafting. She has a dinner with dear friends who helped her through her battle and challenges each one of them to do something to conquer a fear. The author came up with some very clever things to have each character do. Things you wouldn’t associate with fear (like baking bread).

It was interesting to read and see how some things we just won’t do actually could be attributed to fear. Of course, some of us have fear of failure or fear of success that keep us from doing something or reaching our potential in a certain area. For others, it’s the fear of the unknown–wanting to know what is going to happen step-by-step and not wanting to give up control.

I think I have fear of failure and fear of success. For years, I’ve wanted to write a novel. It is a different kind of writing than I am used to (journalistic vs. creative). But, what if that novel never is accepted for publishing? Or, what if it is? Oh no, then I’d have to write another one! I have two chapters written right now, but have stalled because I’m unsure if that kind of writing is what I’d like to do.

After reading Joy for Beginners, I wondered what would be the challenge the main character would have given me to do if I had been her friend. What would some of my friends choose for me? What would I choose for some of my friends? Every once in a while, those thoughts swirl around in my head (a good book does that!).

What is that one thing you’ve been afraid to do or have been putting off?

I think I’ll start trying to write my novel again. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Those are my thoughts for today.


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