Fully Alive by Ken Davis: A book review

I have been given the privilege of being a part of Ken Davis’ Fully Alive book launch team. It has been fun connecting with people from around the globe to discuss the book and how we are each learning to live Fully Alive. I previously wrote about the impact his Fully Alive movie had on me, now I delve into the book.

Today, I am going to review the book. Then, in the upcoming days, I will be telling about how I am taking steps to make myself Fully Alive. There are four areas in the book that Ken focuses on – physical, mental, social & spiritual. I will focus on those areas also (last Friday, I covered my physical Fully Alive moments). Hopefully, by seeing what I am doing, you also will take the plunge to live your life to its fullest, no matter what your age or stage of life. If you are looking to ramp up your physical, mental, social, and/or spiritual lives, I highly recommend Ken’s book. He will provide you with much encouragement to get going living the life God intends for you to live. If anything, the book is worth it to read about Ken’s own transformation in each of the above-mentioned areas. He also gives examples from other people’s lives that will either make you laugh or emotionally tug at you.

It feels as if he wrote this book for me. All of these areas are parts of my life that I have been working on for the past one to two years. It was eerie reading something that seemed to be written specifically for me as if the author was watching or reading my mind. I’ve read about others who have felt the same way. Maybe it is being middle aged and seeing time going by way too fast. Or maybe it is just that we all want to make sure we are living our lives to the fullest intent so as to honor God with this special gift. As Ken says in his book, this life “is not the waiting room for eternal life.” God has a plan and a purpose for us right now and we are to live it out to the fullest extent possible.

I, myself, have been spending way too much time “treading water.” I’ve put off losing weight, becoming physically fit, being an intentional friend, and seeking God’s will for my life. I had all kinds of excuses—raising kids, homeschooling, busyness of life, no more room on the calendar, etc. etc. That’s not really excuses, but fear. Fear of change. Fear of hard work. Fully Alive has spurred me on and showed me that I better put things in high gear now, because tomorrow may never come.

I highly recommend Ken Davis’ Fully Alive. The book is available now where books are sold. Learn more, watch video, and access additional resources such as a DVD and Action Guide at http://fullyalivebook.com/. The book is also available on Amazon at http://bit.ly/fullyalive.

Those are my thoughts for today.

Here’s a trailer from Ken that you can watch

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