Connect–how I found homeschooling friends

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We were in a new town. Just that alone makes it hard to connect. But add the fact that we were starting to homeschool to that and I wasn’t sure how we’d make friends. Usually when we moved, finding a church home was priority. That is where we would find our friends. But, this time, finding connections for the kids with other homeschool kids was priority. For me too, I needed to find moms to help with this new journey we were going to be starting.

I found out about a mom’s coffee that would be happening one evening. I got up the guts to go to it alone. I also had to drive to a part of town I was very unfamiliar with. I found the restaurant. Went in and found the room where everyone was meeting. There were not too many others there. That was OK. The topic was field trips and if anything I’d get some ideas on where to take my kids for breaks from sit-down work.

But, one mom introduced herself and started asking me questions. When she found out that I was new to the area and new to homeschooling, she invited me to be a part of her field trip group. That invitation started the ripple effect that got me involved with the local homeschooling community. We quickly made friends — both the kids and I.

I still am amazed how God placed Peggy there that evening. How he orchestrated the next few weeks so that we felt at home quickly. It took us a little while longer to find a church home, so finding those homeschooling friends was very important.

Now, when I notice somebody new at a Bible study or even in our tennisize classes at the athletic club. I make sure to introduce myself, because I know how it feels to be “new” and not know anyone. Also, I just never know how God may use me to help someone connect.

Those are my thoughts for today.



6 comments on “Connect–how I found homeschooling friends

  1. So true – making the effort to reach out makes all the difference – for them and for us. Visiting from LisaJo’s – we are neighbors on the blog roll today. Thanks!

  2. I’m so glad that you found some friends to connect with. My husband and I are currently trying to make some ourselves. We are both 21 years old, but have already been married for two years and have a brand new baby girl! Life has been really difficult lately. Part of it is due to the fact that none of our old friends are in the same season of life as we are. My prayer is that God brings some godly individuals in our lives soon. I miss the fellowship!

    If you want to read about my new little family you can visit me at the website I included with my name!

    • Kaelynn,

      I pray you make some friends too. It is hard starting new seasons of life and trying to find others that can relate. Does your church have a young couples/adults group? That would be a great place to make new friends. Or maybe small groups and one that was made up of young couples?

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