A letter to my 16-year-old self

Today is Faith Jam day over at Faith Barista. This is my first time joining this blogging community. Bonnie (the Faith Barista) gives us a prompt to write about. Then we all link up to her site. If you like the topic for today, you should go visit her site and see what other bloggers are saying. You could even link up yourself or leave your thoughts in her comments. Today’s prompt/assignment is:

“What I I Know Now”

Write a letter to yourself at an earlier time in your life.  Share what you know now about the faith journey with your younger self.  Your younger self can be any age you feel prompted to address.





Dear 16-year-old Teresa,

I want you to know that God is real. That person you pray to at night when you are crying, He is really there. The struggles you are going through will make you stronger. I know you wish they’d go away, but God allows trials to grow us and to shape us into the people he’d like us to be. You have a tender heart, do not let it grow hard. This is just a season of time and better things are ahead for you. God has great plans for you.

I want you to know that Jesus is really who He says He is. He wasn’t just some great person or wise prophet. He came into this world to save us from it. I know you are struggling to know whether Jesus is who He says He is and whether God is real. You have a lot of voices coming at you who say different things about God, but I think you know the truth. Just allow yourself to believe.

God can be the father you desire. He can be trusted and relied on. He will provide you with strength, perseverance, joy, and peace. Life can be very difficult at times and without having God to lean on makes it so much more difficult.

God’s Word has wonderful advice. Open it up, read it. Start with John. Stop trying to start with Genesis and read it like a chapter book. Start with the story of Jesus and who He is. You are smart, you’ll see the truth if you but just open up the Bible and read it.

There is a wonderful life waiting for you. Reach for it. Believe in Jesus with your whole heart and live the life He has planned for you. A life of abundance and joy. A life of love and wonder. A life of peace and contentment. It is there for you if you just give in and accept what He has to offer.


Your 50-year-old self


2 comments on “A letter to my 16-year-old self

  1. Teresa,
    I understand crying and praying to God being real. It is something I did also. Thank you for your kind words from the jam. You have some wise words for your younger you.

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