Cashew, Blueberry, Whole-Wheat Pancakes

When we lived in Kansas City, we had a favorite breakfast spot–First Watch. My favorite item there was their Cashew Blue Pancakes. A couple of weeks ago, when my husband and I went to Chicago, we went to breakfast at West Egg Cafe and they had Cashew Blueberry Pancakes, also.

That got me to thinking, why haven’t I tried to make these myself? I have a very good whole-wheat pancake recipe, all I’d need to do would be to add chopped cashews and blueberries. One of those hit- yourself-on-the-forehead and say “duh” moments.

So, I did! The recipe is here.

Pancake mix with chopped cashews in it. The blueberries waiting to be added on the griddle.

Blueberries added–looking good! I like adding the blueberries when the batter is on the griddle to keep the batter from turning blue.


The finished batch waiting for the family to come and eat them.

My plate. They were so good.

Those are my thoughts for today.



2 comments on “Cashew, Blueberry, Whole-Wheat Pancakes

  1. We have a First Watch here where I live and I love it. I have never had their Cashew Blue Pancakes, but they sound delicious. I think I need to give this recipe a try! 🙂

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