A letter to Jesus

Thursdays are Faith Jam days over at Faith Barista. Bonnie gives us a “writing assignment” and then we link up to her site to see what other bloggers wrote on the same topic. Today’s topic is Letter to God. So, here is my letter. If you’d like to read what others’ letters were you can click on the Faith Jam button.






Dear Jesus,

I’m missing my times with you. All my fault. I haven’t been praying like I should. I also haven’t been studying your Word as I should. I’ve just been half-heartedly reading your Word. I haven’t tried to gain any knowledge or figure out what you might want me to learn. I’m just reading it to get through it.

Going back to Bible Study Fellowship, I believe, will help me with your Word. But, the praying and being in communication with you — well, that’s all on me. I’ll do quick little prayers for others from time-to-time, but any real close connection to you, that I haven’t done.

I miss my purposeful times of prayer. So, why don’t I go back to it. I don’t know. But, I am right now making you a promise that I will start today. Other things like TV and e-mails can wait. I need to feel you close and that requires me to get close.

How can I hear what your will is for me in this new season of life? How can I see your answers to those prayers I should be lifting for others?

Silly me, I’ve had to learn this lesson over and over. My prayer now is that I never again go through this period of not praying. I don’t like it and I’m positive You don’t either. I pray that the Holy Spirit doesn’t just nudge but kicks me when I’ve been away from You too long. Please forgive my inattention.

Your daughter,




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