God will make a way

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Today’s topic: God will make a way.

Our son told us his girlfriend was having a baby. They’d recently broken up. My mind whirled. First, I couldn’t believe my son had been so irresponsible. Second, how in the world would these two very young adults raise this child? I was disappointed, hurt, and shocked.

For days, I wondered what my husband and I had done wrong. We raised our children to love the Lord. And they did….for a time. Our son had recently wandered and the consequences of that were going to dramatically change our lives.

All I could do was pray and question God heavily. How could this be His will? Now, I realize it wasn’t His will but was a consequence of actions my son had taken. What actions should my husband and I take?

Dirt Road

 (Photo credit: dvs)

Thankfully, my husband was thinking more clearly and was showing A LOT more grace than I was. We offered to help our son however he needed us to. God showed me that grace not anger was the way to go in this situation. We wanted to maintain our relationship with our son. We wanted to have an involved relationship with our grandchild.

God was making the way for all of us to heal and to grow. Our son and his girlfriend worked very hard to repair their relationship. They wanted to do what was best for their child. I’ve been very proud of my son. He has stepped up and proved himself to be a very outstanding young man. He is excited about being a dad to a son.

His girlfriend moved in with us (we set some parameters for that!). The baby will be living with us, too. They are going to need some help and I’m excited to have a baby in the house again. (Though, they are responsible for nighttime feedings!)

God made a way for me to show more grace and mercy than I ever had. God made the way for my son and his girlfriend to have a wonderful relationship for their child. God made a way for us to open our home and our hearts.

I, for one, could not imagine life without this child in it and he isn’t even born yet (6 more weeks!). God is wonderful in how he moves us around to do what is right, and honorable, and just. Instead of the human reactions of anger, and retaliation, and brokenness.

Those are my thoughts for today.


6 comments on “God will make a way

  1. This is a wonderful story of grace, Teresa! Thank you for sharing so openly. Your son, his girlfriend, and their child are blessed to have you in their lives. Praying you continue to see God’s hand in this journey.

  2. Those are beautiful thoughts, Teresa! I’ve said numerous times that grace is my “word of the year” this year. But, really, I want it to be a word that defines my life. Thank you for sharing this inspiring example!

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