Vacation and Why did I do this to myself?

My husband and I are going on a two-week vacation far, far away. We are celebrating both of us turning 50 this year. So, in the midst of packing and planning, I agreed to do a special event for the missionaries at our church. Plus, a friend and I are starting a new ministry together.

First, the missionary event. I agreed to this over the summer. I really thought I’d be good about it and get everything finished way before getting ready for our trip. Well, as things happen in life. That’s not how it went. Best made plans and all that. I really wanted to do this. The missionaries I am representing are state-side, so really this should’ve been very easy. But, I had trouble contacting one family so that put things behind. Thankfully my friend Marina offered to finish it up for me.

little man crazy face.

(Photo credit: .through my eyes.)

Second, my same friend, Marina, and I found out we’d been given the opportunity to start this new ministry and the deadline to send our plans in was while I’ll be out of the country. So, quickly, within a couple of days we met and hashed trough everything we needed to complete. Oh, and Marina is moving, so both of us have stressful activities going on. She is much more calm and collected than I am and has provided great words for me: “breathe” being one of the best.

Third, planning this trip. My husband has done most of the planning and making out our packing list. But, I was the one pulling things out at home and shopping for necessary items. Adding two extra things on top of this was not a good idea.

Over the years, I’ve learned to say “no” and not get myself into too many things at once. This time, though, I really didn’t think all of this would over-lap. So, now, I’m trying to calm down before getting on a plane for a 16-hour journey. If we have any delayed flights or other missteps, I’ll probably scream. Well, not really, but inside I will be. I’m praying for calm nerves so I don’t end up being a crabby wife for my husband.

I’m very excited about this trip. Two weeks alone with my husband = priceless. One crazy week before vacation = best avoided.

Those are my thoughts for today.


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