A letter to my first grandson

Today is Faith Barista’s Faith Jam Thursday. She serves up a topic of faith, we write a post and link up. If you’d like to see what others have written, click on the Faith Jam button below.

This week’s topic — write a letter to someone you love. My letter is to my soon-to-be born grandson.


Heart of pearls

Heart of pearls (Photo credit: TheCleopatra)

Dear first grandson,

You are loved dearly. First by Jesus, then by a whole lot of family. You have parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, and other family who are excited to meet you.

I, for one, your Grandma Teresa, am surprised at how much I love you already. I am excited to have you in our home after your birth and to be able to grow close to you right away. You see, I also lived with my grandparents when I was an infant. My dad (your great-grandpa Lee) was in the Army and my mom (your great-grandma Kay) took me home from Arizona to Iowa. My grandpa (Pa, as I called him) would walk the floor with me when I cried during the night. He also would take me on car rides to get me to call down. I had very special grandparents and your dad has had very, very special grandparents. I hope I can continue the tradition to be a special grandma to you, too.

I wonder what you will call me–Grandma Teresa, or something else? What does your cute little face look like? Will you have red hair like your daddy? Will you have blues eyes? What will your giggle sound like and will your cry be ear-piercing or whiny? Will you like to be rocked like your daddy or just put down like your aunt?

I pray that you love Jesus at an early age. He can help you through anything and provide whatever support, joy, peace, comfort, or direction you may need. He has loved you first and has planned your birth from before time. You are already special because of that and never forget it. I will make sure to introduce you to Him and to make Him a part of your life. But you have to make the decision to love Him and accept Him as your Savior.

Little Squishy, I can’t wait to meet you and always remember your grandma loves you and will always be here for you!





Those are my thoughts for today.


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