The ABCs of Me!

Age: 50

Bed Size:  King–my husband is 6’2″; he needs leg room!

Chore I Hate: cleaning bathrooms

Dogs: 2–an 11-year-old Golden Retriever named Jewels and a 7-year-old beagle/Dalmatian mix who showed up in our garage one day six years ago; we also have a 12-year-old cat, Smokey, I couldn’t leave her out!
Essential to start my day: orange juice


Alphabet (Photo credit: Enokson)

Favorite Color:  blue–any hue!

Gold or Silver: both, how should a girl choose?

Height: 5’5″

Instrument I play: piano, but I haven’t tickled the ivories in a long time

Job Title:  Retired homeschool mom

Kids:  2 young adult children still at home and one grandson on the way

Live: in southwest Indiana

Mother’s Name: Kay

Nicknames: I don’t like nicknames, so never ever call me Terry, but my high school friends called me Tree–weird nickname for someone who is not tall!

Overnight hospital stays:  only for two C-sections to bring my children into this world

Pet Peeves:  incorrect grammar use and incorrect pronoun usage (“their” is a plural pronoun NOT singular, use he or she for singular use)

Quote from a movie: I really don’t memorize movie lines (OK, so I’ll play along “Run, Forest, Run!”)

Right or Left Handed:  Right

Siblings:  one sister 2 1/2 years younger

Time it takes me to get ready:  I have no idea; I tend to do it over a period of time during the morning

Ultimate Vacation:  Too many to list; I love to travel and have way too many places to visit; Hawaii was a dream vacation

Vegetable I hate:  None, I LOVE vegetables

What makes me run late:  my husband

X-rays I’ve had:  dental

Yummy food that I make:  salads; pies

Zoo animal:  I love the zoo, how can I choose?

I copied this idea from my friend Marina and she borrowed it from a couple of other bloggers.

Try this yourself and let me know your answers!

Those are my thoughts for today.

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