What must Eden have been like?

Have you ever wondered what Eden was like for Adam and Eve? In studying Genesis 1 and 2 recently, I couldn’t help but imagine what it was like. Lush, beautiful, sunny….

First, since rain hadn’t existed yet, it must have been sunny all the time. I picture it like Colorado. When we lived there, it was sunny 362 days a year (or so it seemed). Even when it snowed, it was sunny. That big, blue sky is what I imagine Adam and Eve saw every day. There wouldn’t have been any clouds, not even light wispy ones because the evaporation-precipitation cycle wasn’t happening.

Now, you might think. well then, did they get sunburned because, of course, they weren’t wearing any clothes to protect them? I don’t think so. I don’t think the UV rays were a problem in perfect Eden. Sunburns would have been a product of the Fall.

Back to nicer things. Now, God commanded Adam to take care of the garden. So, initially I thought about how that must have been hard work doing it all alone until Eve came along. But, wait. There weren’t any weeds to pull. No thorny bushes to contend with. No thistles to watch out for while walking through the meadow. He also didn’t have to water, because everything was watered by underground streams. Death hadn’t happened yet, so no dead-heading flowers or trimming dead branches from trees.

So, what exactly did he have to do? I envision he gathered fruit. There would have been an abundance, I think. Since things didn’t die, I wonder if he had to trim back plants to keep them from becoming overgrown. But, then again, Eden was perfect, so did the plants grow more slowly so as not to become overgrown and leggy? It must have been nice to enjoy that garden without having to work so hard to make it beautiful.

Then the animals. Since sin hadn’t entered the world yet, Adam and Eve probably could play with and walk alongside all kinds of animals without worry. The animals, themselves, would not have been afraid of humans either. Can you imagine petting a lion without worry of losing your hand? How about riding a hippopotamus? Picking up seeds and having birds eat right out of your hand. How fun would that be?

I could spend all day wondering how lovely Eden was. How wonderful life must have been for those first two humans. But, then again, some day, I will get to live in a perfect world where days are always sunny; where there is no more death, sickness, or sadness; where animals and humans are all friendly and happy; and where I can plant flowers without worry of weeds overtaking or droughts destroying. And that is where I get to spend eternity. Now, that really gets my imagination going!

Those are my thoughts for today.


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