My thoughts on becoming a grandma

Becoming a grandmother has surprised me. I entered this new phase one month ago today. I knew I’d love it. I knew it’d fit me like a glove. But, the extent to which I’ve loved this has thrown me for a loop. Here is a list of the things I enjoy about being a first-time grandma (Grandma T to my grandson!).

  • I can enjoy him without the worry of rearing and raising him. Now, I know, he’s only one month old and at some point in his life I might have to say “no” but the overall raising of this kid is his parent’s job, not mine and that makes it wonderful for me!
  • The love I feel for him is indescribable. When I gave birth to my own two children, I loved them before they were born, but my love grew greatly when I could hold them and that left me wordless then. The same has happened with my grandson. I loved him before he was born, but when we got to the hospital after he was born….oh my, that deep love hit me again.
  • I have a lot more patience as a grandma. The little guy can be fussy and I take it in stride. As a mom, I’d get anxious and frustrated when my babies wouldn’t calm down. Age must mellow us or maybe it’s experience and knowing “this too shall pass.” But now I can handle it.
  • However, I do tire easily. I’m only 50 years old, but watching a baby can quickly zap my energy. How does that happen?
  • Having he and his parents living with us is a blessing. I wouldn’t give up this past month for anything. I know this is building a special relationship for all of us and most especially between myself and my grandson, my husband and his grandson, and my daughter and her nephew.
  • It has increased my understanding of how much God loves us. Having children helps us with seeing God as a Father who lovingly cares for us but also needs to discipline us for our good because that is what we do as parents. But, as a grandparent, I’m coming to see a better view of His unconditional love.

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Those are my thoughts for today.


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