My resolutions for 2013

I don’t really like making “resolutions.” I think resolutions are made to be broken. There seems to be an inherent move toward failure when one makes a “resolution.” However, I couldn’t come up with a better word, so I’m making resolutions this year.

I think it’s good to take stock in our life every once in awhile. We need to look at the areas of our life that need improvement, but also give ourselves pats on the back for the things we have accomplished and milestones we have met.

For me, 2012 was a year of milestones:

  1. I turned 50.
  2. I became a grandmother.
  3. I played in a tennis tournament in Indianapolis during my first year of USTA sanctioned league play.
  4. I “retired” as a homeschool mom.
  5. I started making new friends in this new phase of life.
  6. I found that I have a lot more grace, patience, and flexibility in me than I thought.
  7. I started an on-line ministry with a new friend for empty nesting women.

Having looked back over 2012, I am looking ahead to 2013 with anticipation and excitement about what God has in store for me. I know I can make all the plans and resolutions I want, but if they are not in God’s plan and will for my life, they will be for naught. I’ve prayed over the past week seeking God’s guidance in this and these are the things I believe He is telling me to work on for the coming year. I also feel strongly that these things can change at any time in the year. Life happens and I’ve learned that holding too tightly to a “list” doesn’t allow me the freedom to be open to the Holy Spirit and direction He wants me to go in.

Here are my resolutions for 2013:


I need to continue in my effort to be more intentional to be in God’s Word daily. The last three months of 2012, I started making some changes to this area of my life. I went back to Bible Study Fellowship, because of any Bible study for women that I know of, BSF provides the best method of daily Bible study. Plus, I missed the interaction with women who love the word of God as much as I do. But, I still need to work on doing my lesson each and every day.

Jerry Minor's Stack

In 2012, I started reading the Bible through in a year. I had never done this before. I used the Chronological Bible on-line readings. I made it most of the way through the Old Testament, but then faltered. Since I am studying Genesis in BSF, I’ve decided I’ve been Old Testament “heavy” and need to do a reading plan for the New Testament. I’ve signed up for an on-line read through the New Testament in a year plan. I’ve also decided to read it in the NASB instead of the NIV to make the words not as familiar. This way, maybe, I’ll pay closer attention instead of reading some of the passages by rote. This I do in the evening when I crawl into bed, before reading my fiction books.

For the mornings, I’ve started using Charles Stanley’s Early Light devotionals provided in his monthly In Touch magazine. I’ve come to really like Dr. Stanley’s thoughts and he often nudges me in areas where I am weak and need to take action.

I also want to be much more intentional in my prayer life. I used to have a daily prayer time and loved to intercede for others. But, over the years, I have weakened in this area and now pray “when the spirit (not Spirit) moves me.” I need to change this area of my life.


Tennis Rackets Vector Image

In the summer of 2011, I started going to an athletic club to work out. With my 50th birthday looming, I wanted to get in better shape to live the rest of my life healthy and strong. I continued going to group exercise classes in 2012, but in the early part of the year, I started playing tennis. The club I go to has a special skills practice on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I am a regular at those. Plus, I started playing in a women’s league. The competition helped me to improve my game and gave me the chance to make new friends. I greatly miss seeing my friends if I miss a Tuesday or Thursday morning. Tennis has become a passion for me. I’m not a real great player. My USTA ranking is low, but boy do I have fun and I’ve seen myself improve greatly over the year.

For 2013, I want to continue playing as much tennis as possible and to go up one step in my ranking.

However, for all the tennis playing I do. I don’t think I’m getting as good of a workout as I used to by going to the group exercise classes. So, for 2013, I want to add two classes per week (at least) to my physical workouts and not just rely on tennis for my physical fitness.

I also want to use the weight machines at the club to strengthen my arms and legs to help me in my tennis game. I might have to limit my social time after tennisize each Tuesday and Thursday, but it’ll be worth it.


I love to read. Right now, my reading is mostly fiction books. I’d like to add non-fiction books to that list.

The Deliberate Reader, a blogger that I follow, has put forth a challenge for 2013. She has asked those of us who read her to join along in her challenge. We do not have to do the same thing she is, just to challenge ourselves in 2013.

So, here is my challenge to myself. To read one fiction book each month. I have a backlog of these on my e-reader. Plus, I like to read the books from the She Reads on-line group, so finding fiction books to read won’t be a problem.

The challenge will be non-fiction books. I have quite a few writing, blogging, etc. type of books waiting for me to read. But for this challenge, I’m not going to include those. Instead, I want to read the books listed  in Christianity Today‘s list of Top 100 Christian faith books of the century. This list was published in 2000. I’ve kept it since then wanting to make my way through them. Well, 2013 is my year. I want to check off as many as I can. The only one from the list that I have read completely, is C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, so I have a lot to choose from. My goal is one of these books each month. Hopefully, I can do more, but 12 is my goal.

DeliberateReader The Deliberate Reader is having link-ups each month to report on how we are doing with our challenge. So, each month you’ll find out how I am doing. You can join along with the challenge, by clicking on the button and joining in.

What resolutions do you have for 2013?

What accomplishments from 2012 are you proud of?

Share with us in the comments section and we can hold each other accountable plus share in your joys of 2012.

Those are my thoughts for today.

Linking up at Christian Mommy Blogger.


3 comments on “My resolutions for 2013

  1. Great goals!! They seem more like fine tuning your existing ones, so they seem very attainable! Awesome!!

    I do a “one word” focus, and this year my word is “BRAVE”, or “COURAGE”. I recognize that I lack so muh of it in my life!! During the reading and re-reading of the accounts of Christ’s birth, I was hit with how often we are told to not be afraid…and it really impacted me!

    I’m also doing Holley Gerth’s 21 day challenge “Do What You Can”, and alternating my daily bible reading to a Proverb a day, with Psalms and NT reading additionally. I really like the Repetition of a Proverb a day and drawing that wisdom deep into my core.

    I’m doing some memorization this year too, new for me – with the Sermon on the Mount. And I’m doing the Joy Dare too!! IN PAPER so I’ll have a tangible book with my gratitude spelled out!

    Happy new Year Teresa!! May God bless these goals, and may you see the fruit of your labor blossom!!

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