Being obedient to God in 2013

Some people like to pick a word for the year. They pray about it and seek God’s guidance on what that word should be, what they should focus on in their faith walk for the year. I’ve read several blogs this year of women who are doing this. I’ve never done it and have never heard of such a thing.

At first, I balked at it. Seemed like it would tie you down and not give the Holy Spirit room to guide you on things you needed to change throughout the year. Plus, I find myself moving away from things I see as Christian “fads.”

However, God has been driving home “obedience” to me. I don’t know if that should be my WORD for the year, but I do know that He is making it clear to me that I’m not being obedient. In what, I’ve yet to figure out. But, I’m going to make sure I’m not getting in the way of something He is telling me to do.

I’m in Bible Study Fellowship and this year we are studying Genesis. Obedience is all over Genesis. Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden by being disobedient. Noah was obedient in building the ark. People were disbursed and given many languages by being disobedient at Babble. Abraham was obedient by leaving Ur and going to a place he did not know. Then he was disobedient by having a child with Hagar. That disobedience is still being felt in the world today!

I certainly do not want to be disobedient to the point of causing future generations to suffer. Plus, by being obedient to God’s call on my life, I reap blessings I might never have received.

So, where have I been obedient this week? I met with our church’s women’s ministry director about starting a group for women who are entering this new phase of life (empty nesting or for me, almost empty nesting). How do we be parents of these young adult kids? How do we handle them wandering away from the Lord? How do we move from not blaming ourselves to realizing their choices are their choices and their consequences are their consequences?

I’ve been thinking about this ministry for some time. God kept bringing it to mind and finally I realized that I was being disobedient by not taking that step of seeing if I could start a group. So, I did. It feels good to be obedient. It is also scary–stepping out and doing something new. I’ve led women’s Bible studies before, but this will be a little different. God is growing me. He’ll need to grow me a lot more!

So, for 2013, I suspect Obedience is going to be my theme. Unless He shows me otherwise.

Those are my thoughts for today


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