Am I being Terah to my husband?

For 2013, I am trying to be more obedient to God. To make sure I am in His will and doing what He desires for me to do with my life.

Several weeks ago, the senior pastor at our church mentioned something during his message that struck me and has continued to play around in my head. In Genesis 11, it mentions that Terah, the father of Abraham left Ur with Abraham, Sarah, and Lot and went to Harran. Terah died in Harran.

What our pastor said was that he wondered if Terah delayed Abraham’s trip to Canaan. You see in

Genesis 12 we learn that God has called Abraham to leave Ur and go to the land God will show him. Abraham was obedient and left. However, there seems to be a bit of a lay-over in Harran. One that lasted possibly several years.

So, the question is, did Terah cause Abraham to delay his travels because he was ill, because he liked Harran and wanted to stay there, or just something else happened? Then our pastor posed this question to us — who are we being Terah to?

Not only am I to say “yes” to God and be obedient in what He is calling me to do, but I am also not to hinder someone else’s obedience. Wow! That hit me. I certainly hope I am not keeping someone from being obedient.

My first thought was my husband. As a wife, I know that I have some influence with my husband, but am I hindering his call? You see, my husband has a deep desire to help and mentor young engineers in Uganda. He went there two years ago and has wanted to go back ever since. I, on the otherhand, haven’t felt drawn to go to Uganda. Oh, sure, I’d love to go to Africa some day for a vacation. Take a safari, etc. But, I don’t see myself serving there in any kind of capacity. Not like my husband. His service comes out of his business experience and desire to mentor. I’m not a business person, I don’t see what I could possibly do on a business as missions trip to Africa.

So, am I being Terah to my husband? Am I hindering his call from God? I don’t have an answer to those questions yet, but I certainly am seeking the answers. Because if 2013 is my year of obedience, I suspect it is not just my personal obedience but also allowing and encouraging obedience in others, most especially my husband.

Those are my thoughts for today.

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5 comments on “Am I being Terah to my husband?

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  2. I love this word. I remember going through this same search with the Lord, regarding my husband and God’s call to him… for months I could only pray, “yes, Lord”… What a testimony to my soul and Spirit as I meditated on the Lord as my LORD and my obedience in the word “yes”.. No excuses or fears, just Yes, Lord. Praying for you as you walk this empowering journey with the Lord this year…

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