Fiction Review: Better Than Chocolate

Samantha Sterling runs Sweet Dreams Chocolate Company, started by her great-grandmother. Now the company is having financial problems because her mother’s husband didn’t manage it well. Waldo has died and Samantha’s mother is blind to the destruction he has caused. How is Samantha supposed to save the company that has been in her family for generations? And to top it all off, the bank manager handling her loan is an ogre, or is he?

PictureBetter Than Chocolate by Sheila Roberts is a fun read. It mixes family drama with a little unrequited romance. The setting is a small town in Washington state. The author’s writing is easy to read. She provides just enough back-story to let us in on the family dynamics and she doesn’t add too many secondary plots (a pet-peeve of mine). She starts each chapter with a quote from one of Muriel’s (the mother, a moderately successful author) books, which is a fun addition.

The main character, Samantha, is perfect as the oldest sister of three. I could easily picture the sisters’ realtionships with each other. I also could easily understand the relationship their mother had with each of them and how she was probably a mildly dysfunctional mother when they were younger, even though that is never brought up in the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Better Than Chocolate. I was rooting for the Sterling sisters to make their loan payment and for Samantha to be able to keep her family’s company running. Though it is obvious what will happen in the romance department between her and bank manager, Blake, it still was fun to ride the ride with them.

I recommend Better Than Chocolate if you’d like an easy, fun read. Roberts has two other books in this series and one more coming out in March. I may just have to read them all.

So, far, I am keeping up with my 2013 fiction reading challenge of one fiction book per month.

January’s read–The Quarryman’s Wife

I am linking up with The Deliberate Reader for her 2013 Reading Challenge Check-in.

Those are my thoughts for today.

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