My desire to grow closer to Jesus

542156_Churches-Covered-in-Snow-7Its been bitterly cold here in southwest Indiana. It doesn’t typically hit the teens for highs here. This cold reminds me of growing up in northeastern Iowa. Winter was always bitterly cold there. But what we had there that we don’t have here was mounds and mounds of snow. I remember having a difficult time getting warm. I’d sit next to the heat register in our dining room in the mornings eating my breakfast to try and keep warm. We had a fireplace in our family room and any time there was a fire, I’d be sitting on the hearth to catch the warmth.

I was thinking the other day about how this past need to keep warm in the bitter Iowa cold is a lot like my need to grow ever closer to the Lord. The world can be a bitterly cold place and I find I want to be closer and closer to Jesus to get warm.

So, how can I do that? For me, it’s staying in God’s Word on a daily basis. And not just once a day. Throughout my day. Yes, I have my study for Bible Study Fellowship to work on each day. But, taking time to read His word and devotions based on His word should also be a part of my day. God speaks to us through His word and what better way to draw nearer to Him than having Him speak to us.

Next for me, is music. KLOVE radio is having their annual 31 day challenge. They challenge us to listen to only Christian music for the month of January. For me, that’s no big deal. I listen to Christian music probably 95% of the time. This is another instance of God speaking to me. Songs can have a huge impact on me and I believe the Lord uses that to guide and direct me.

Third, prayer. My prayer life goes up and down in consistency. Don’t know why, but it does. But, I also know that without prayer I’m not building a very good relationship with God. How can a relationship grow if there’s no communication? So, for me to get all warm and snugly with Jesus, I need to speak with Him daily. And, just like with reading His word, not just once a day, but throughout the day.

This is a new year. I don’t really like making resolutions or doing that “one word” thing. I prefer to allow God to guide me throughout the year and move me in whatever direction He chooses without being stuck to a resolution or word. However, reflecting and desiring to improve on our Walk with Him is never a bad thing. If the calendar can help guide that, so be it. So, right now, at the start of 2015, I’m desiring a closer relationship with my Lord and Savior and I’m going to use those three points up above to do that. Plus, anything else the Holy Spirit shows me I need to do.

Those are my thoughts for today.