St. Patrick’s Day Meal

Kilkenney Castle, Ireland

Kilkenney Castle, Ireland

I haven’t posted a food blog in a long while. So, I thought I’d share here what I made for dinner last night.

My husband is the one in our family that has the Irish “blood” in him. His maternal grandmother has Irish ancestors. Ever since we visited Ireland three years ago, we’ve enjoyed celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

I usually make Irish stew (with lamb not beef) and soda bread. This year, I saw a recipe for Colcannon, an authentic Irish dish. Though my son, who lived there for three months, doesn’t think he ever had it. Our usual dessert is Pavlova. No, it is not Irish. It is from New Zealand, named for a Russian ballerina. However, our first evening in Ireland, the cooks for the students made it for us parents. So, to us, it represents Ireland.

For the Colcannon, I list the amount of the ingredients I used. The recipe I used did not include amounts. What I made served four.

3 medium-sized potatoes

1/2 onion, chopped

1/2 head cabbage, sliced thin

4 stalks Kale, roughly chopped

6 oz corned beef, cubed or sliced thin

Peel and boil the potatoes. Roughly mash with a little butter, milk, salt, pepper. Set aside. In a large pot (or same one you used to boil the potatoes), cook the onion in 1 tbls oil. When translucent, add the cabbage and Kale. Cook until wilted. Add the corned beef. Cook until warmed up. Add the potatoes and combine well. Add more salt and pepper to suit.

The delicious Pavlova.

The delicious Pavlova.

For the Pavlova recipe, you can go here for the recipe.

Those are my thoughts for today. Slainte!